Monday, October 21, 2013

Bare Breasts - Nudity or Just a Flash in the Pan? The Rules of Exposure by Linda Maintanis

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This week's blog is not about going anywhere.
Rather, it is about acceptable nudity. At home.

There's someone in my neighborhood who relishes my every move. She studies me the way most people learn to drive; first with fear, then trepidation and finally, reckless abandon.

That's what happened today. While I spent the warm afternoon sweeping my driveway, which is located inside my private, gated property, this car drives up and circles around to get a good view of me, inside my gates. Then she parked, stared and most likely photographed me. ( serious iPhone addiction here...)

Linda Maintanis, saint george court, warwick, ri, reality, tv

I dropped my broom and started walking across about eighty feet of driveway to close the gates, thereby blocking her view.

Then I said, "hell, if she want's a show, let's give her a show"
and I did the same thing any attractive, unashamed female would do - I gave her the flash! Not just any flash. It was a flash of a tease, then a dare, and then the prize.

First, as I started a jog towards her, I pulled my red sweater open showing the snug fit of the white tee-shirt below. Next the tee was lifted up, across my armpits to reveal the silky nude bra underneath. Now, full stride as I ran towards the open gate, my two hands slid under the bra from either side and with a definitive round flair they lifted away the cover of two perfectly formed, gorgeous orbs.

Linda Maintanis, saint george court, warwick, ri, reality, tv
And there they were, the late afternoon sunlight dappling their splendid assets. Free for her to take as many photos as she wants. Really.

They seemed to look straight ahead, at her car, as if to say
 "You; yes you, you take a good look at us.
   We are everything you dream of..."

Wouldn't any normal woman do the same thing?

So my question is, " What is the rule of exposure?
When is it socially correct to use your assets to squelch and deter a peeking freak?"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrate 20 Years With Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times Cafe Nuovo, Providence, RI

That's right folks, 20 years. Seven grandchildren later we still feel like kids ourselves. So we set out about town this week for a marathon of "anniversary dinners". One of the nights we weren't quick enough to dodge the paparazzi in Providence. While dining at Cafe Nuovo this photo was snapped while we shared a great meal of Veal Chops!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

They Left Saint George Court in Governor Francis Farms, Warwick? Fort Lauderdale Still Means There's a Party Everywhere!

A long weekend in Fort Lauderdale for us meant fun, fun, fun!
 Southwest Airlines "Vacation" package that offered 
round-trip airfare, hotel and auto for a verrrry low price.

We chose the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale faster than you can say Gold Coast,
packed a couple of bags and took off for four days!

Unable to take more than a half day of intense sunshine at the pool
meant thrill-seeking for baby boomers. 
The best thing that we did was try the Segway Tours.

Linda Maintanis  - MrsMay Mouthsense

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stalking a Great Steak - Where's the Beef in Warwick, RI?

I love steak, I eat about a pound at any given serving. Primarily sirloins, a mix of rib-eyes and t-bones, and occasionally a filet. A nice sirloin, about 14oz, should be a common item on any restaurant menu. But it's difficult to find one. And at what cost? It led me to challenge myself to find the answer, "How low can you go?", in price that is, and still maintain quality and flavor?

Starting at the high end you have your steakhouse cuts. These are wonderfully marbled and aged but cost a pretty penny. They top the list for $$$$ ($40+) and ala carte means they don't even come with a sprig of parsley. This is your Capital Grille, Fleming's or Ruth's Chris type menu.

Stalk My Weekend - Linda Maintanis

Next are your fine dining choice cuts of beef. Plated with your choice of two sides, these normally cost about the same or slightly less than their steakhouse cousins. I'm still talking valet parking and table linens, for $$$ ($28+) you expect a good piece of meat. You can find this quality cut at most fine restaurants around town and it should be good. I say should because if they can't get something this basic done well then forget about the rest of the menu.

Stalk My Weekend - L'Attitude Modern Eatery - Linda Maintanis Where is the next price point? I went lower, to $$ ($22) at one local tavern, L'Attitude and ($18) at another local fave, Governor Francis Inn. For $18 the GFI was ok/good. At best. For $18 I got a choice of soup or salad, 12oz sirloin and two sides. But the steak was a bit small and although tasty and a great value, I felt that I had gone too low...

But the local tavern choice at L'Attitude Modern Eatery in Pawtuxet Village for $22 was clearly a winner in my book. A juicy 14 oz strip sirloin, cooked crispy on the outside and perfectly even pink on the inside. It arrived dripping with a scoop of Shallot-Gorganzola Butter melting over the top. I ate every bite. It even came with potatoes and a veggie.

Absolutely pure, steak lovers heaven, out of the house, in a restaurant, with no dishes to do, for $22. What a world.

L'Attitude Modern Eatery is located in historic Pawtuxet Village, just north of Governor Francis Farms, Warwick, RI.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome to a Peek Inside My Weekend

This blog is new. I hope that it also is fun. At the time I thought that it would be - fun. Fun to give a glimpse, via the blog, of what really goes on around here on Saint George Court, especially so on the weekends. Hence the name, Stalk My Weekend.

Because today is only Tuesday I find myself stuck in the middle of a predicament. It's too soon to think about next weekend and I feel like last weekend was a month ago. Hmmm? Is there something I'm missing? Right. Yes. OK, a little bit boring but sure,

We went to the "new bar" at Chapel Grille in Cranston. That's right, I thought the same thing. What do you mean? there's another bar?

Take a right through the dining room, then take a left and you find yourself somewhere else. A place on the edge of the world. The new bar has a staggering view of Providence and well beyond. It also has a huge flat screen in view of most seats at the bar for your entertainment needs. We watched the hockey...

Food was great and the drinks, although none for me. Soon though. Too many drinks in Jamaica, alcohol and skinny jeans cannot co-exist back here in Governor Francis Farms.