Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome to a Peek Inside My Weekend

This blog is new. I hope that it also is fun. At the time I thought that it would be - fun. Fun to give a glimpse, via the blog, of what really goes on around here on Saint George Court, especially so on the weekends. Hence the name, Stalk My Weekend.

Because today is only Tuesday I find myself stuck in the middle of a predicament. It's too soon to think about next weekend and I feel like last weekend was a month ago. Hmmm? Is there something I'm missing? Right. Yes. OK, a little bit boring but sure,

We went to the "new bar" at Chapel Grille in Cranston. That's right, I thought the same thing. What do you mean? there's another bar?

Take a right through the dining room, then take a left and you find yourself somewhere else. A place on the edge of the world. The new bar has a staggering view of Providence and well beyond. It also has a huge flat screen in view of most seats at the bar for your entertainment needs. We watched the hockey...

Food was great and the drinks, although none for me. Soon though. Too many drinks in Jamaica, alcohol and skinny jeans cannot co-exist back here in Governor Francis Farms.