Sunday, December 7, 2014

Refreshing Mojitos De Uvas - Rum, Champagne, Green Grapes, Mint Autumn Stalk at Capital Grille Orlando, Linda Maintanis

We took off at Halloween. We said the warm climate would do us both good. Orlando.
Our home away from home. We know the neighborhood well.

We met at the original Capital Grille, Providence and twenty-three years later are still avid fans of their menu.
It goes without saying that with a location in Orlando we would go there at least once.

Linda Maintanis, James maintanis, warwick, ri, saint george court, pawtuxet villageI've been on a Mojito jag lately. It began in the spring with the acre of fresh mint growing right under my kitchen window. By early summer the introduction of Truvia as my sugar substitute made my Mojitos practically guilt-free. The Skinny-Girl Cocktail blog on Food for Thought was a springboard for many more successful tries. I thought that I had tried every possible variation. Until this trip.

The Capital Grille. Here in Orlando. I checked online
and it looks like it's at every one of their locations.
The Mojitos De Uvas. A classic Mojito, muddled with the addition of green grapes. Then, instead of spritz of soda they top it off with champagne. Wow. It was great.
As you can see.