Monday, October 21, 2013

Bare Breasts - Nudity or Just a Flash in the Pan? The Rules of Exposure by Linda Maintanis

Linda Maintanis, saint george court, warwick, ri, reality, tv

This week's blog is not about going anywhere.
Rather, it is about acceptable nudity. At home.

There's someone in my neighborhood who relishes my every move. She studies me the way most people learn to drive; first with fear, then trepidation and finally, reckless abandon.

That's what happened today. While I spent the warm afternoon sweeping my driveway, which is located inside my private, gated property, this car drives up and circles around to get a good view of me, inside my gates. Then she parked, stared and most likely photographed me. ( serious iPhone addiction here...)

Linda Maintanis, saint george court, warwick, ri, reality, tv

I dropped my broom and started walking across about eighty feet of driveway to close the gates, thereby blocking her view.

Then I said, "hell, if she want's a show, let's give her a show"
and I did the same thing any attractive, unashamed female would do - I gave her the flash! Not just any flash. It was a flash of a tease, then a dare, and then the prize.

First, as I started a jog towards her, I pulled my red sweater open showing the snug fit of the white tee-shirt below. Next the tee was lifted up, across my armpits to reveal the silky nude bra underneath. Now, full stride as I ran towards the open gate, my two hands slid under the bra from either side and with a definitive round flair they lifted away the cover of two perfectly formed, gorgeous orbs.

Linda Maintanis, saint george court, warwick, ri, reality, tv
And there they were, the late afternoon sunlight dappling their splendid assets. Free for her to take as many photos as she wants. Really.

They seemed to look straight ahead, at her car, as if to say
 "You; yes you, you take a good look at us.
   We are everything you dream of..."

Wouldn't any normal woman do the same thing?

So my question is, " What is the rule of exposure?
When is it socially correct to use your assets to squelch and deter a peeking freak?"