Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Knock-off Jewelry - Does Duplicity Have a Discount Price Tag? Swarovski Tennis Bracelet Outshines Real Diamonds!

Tired of traveling with jewelry I looked at some "imitation" items that just maybe I could pass-off as the real thing while on the road. My Google search led me (inevitably) to Amazon.

The selections were numerous and wide. Base metals included silver plate, gold plate and platinum plate. Stones are available in broad quality levels, seeming to reach a high end with Swarovski stones.

My favorite was the platinum-plate with Swarovski stones, Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia Princess (5mm) Tennis Bracelet, 7.25".
With over 26 carats this bracelet rivals a 10-11 carat Diamond version.
retail price, $83.68

 Alternately the classic round stone style here, Swarovski Zirconia Round Cut (4mm) Tennis Bracelet, 7.25". With 17.50 Carat weight this bracelet looks like an eight carat Diamond version.
retail price, $52.69

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